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how much do barbers get paid a year

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And then Billy Kong came into the room and proceeded to irritate Holly even further. He glided across the floor like a pale, hair-gelled ghost, circling Holly silently several times before speaking.

'First a Gaudi building, now this theatre,' commented the bodyguard, his words audible only to Artemis, thanks to their box's isolation and the booming volume of the opera. 'Don't these demons ever materialize somewhere quiet?'

'And I imagine you could put together a convincing argument for any one of these buildings. You just picked that one to keep me out of your line of vision, which leads me to believe that whoever you're expecting will turn up outside Casa Mila.

'How do you know all this?'

Butler sat back in the ditch, slapping mud from his elbows.

The toy car's wheels spun on a long rug, then caught. The rug was shunted backwards like a length of toffee from a roller. Minerva was bowled over, but kept talking as she went down.

The Spanish security chief consulted his clipboard.

'Distraction,' said Abbot, waving his fingers like a magi-cian. 'Smoke and spells. It gave the troops something to concentrate on.'


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